Mary and the Magi

The wise astronomers of old
Were men devout, though free;
And heaven's siderial path of gold
Led them, dear Lord, to Thee!

The pole-star of mysterious ray
That drew their yearning souls,
Thanks be to God--as bright today
In faith's blue archway rolls!

When first the little Babe divine,
The Gentile kings adored,
Their homage--burning love benign,--
At Mary's feet was poured.

Thence did it rise to Him she pressed,
In awe and love supreme--
Unto her meek, her sinless breast,
Beneath that Star's pure beam.

Their gold, their frankincense and myrrh,
Were laid at Mary's feet,
As wonderingly they gazed on her
Whose Son they came to greet.

Divine the lesson taught to men

By ancient sages grand;
Homage to God is dearest , when
Received at Mary's hand.

Selected Robert, Cyril.
Our Lady's Praise in Poetry. New York: Marist Press, 1944.